Boston Harbor Islands Regatta 2005

The Blue Angel participated in the first annual Boston Harbor Islands Regatta on October 1st, 2005. The event was run by the Island Alliance. The race course is shown to the right, and was a unique figure 8 around the islands, designed as a pursuit race, where the start times handle the corrections, and the finish times are the final results. The crew included Ralph, Lori, and Natalie.

The weather was excellent and 85 yachts entered the competetition. The race ended with a cookout on George's Island.

These photos are a subset of some sent out by the race committee after the event. They are in time order, and show the start through the narrows (3), passing around Boston Light (2), and crossing in front of George's Island (1).

Some of our photos illuminate the event a bit more, but we were too busy sailing to take many shots. These shots show the start through the narrows (2), the cookout and award ceremony at George's island (1), another nice Boston sunset, and part of the happy crew sailing home.

Wavelength Studios was out taking nearly 700 pictures and their website shows the Blue Angel in these photos on their nicely organized site: 453 454 640 641 642 . If their server is not responding, here are locally cached copies: 453 454 640 641 642

The Blue Angel finished the race in 3h53m, and placed 53 of 85 overall. In the "Family class" she finished 3rd. The race results are listed in detail below as provided by the Race Committee.

Blue Angel - Pearson Vanguard #181