Boston Harbor Islands Regatta 2009

Introduction - The Blue Angel participated in the annual Boston Harbor Islands Regatta on September 26th, 2009. The event was run by the Boston Harbor Islands Alliance.

Our crew - Ralph and Lori Vinciguerra, along with Barry, Linda, and Lou. We quickly joined into a competitive team and executed an efficient sailing regimen that positioned us well in the competition.

Our gallery - A gallery of images we took along with some provided by the yacht Sandrala.

Final Results - This final results document shows that the Blue Angel suceeded in placing for 2 trophies this year:

If you use GoogleEarth or some other program that can display KML track data, you can see our progress from home port and through the whole race: 46.kml

Official BHIR Press Release - provides a nice description of the conditions during the race.

Mari Ryan photos - A photographer was out gathering shots, that are visible. We didn't end up in any of the 50 photos shown.

John Ring's Slideshow - Sailing Tantalus, these images have been posted from the race.

Jeff Benagh's images - some additional photos from the race.

Our own crew info sheet is here and details our planning and preaprations.

Blue Angel - Pearson Vanguard #181