Boston Harbor Islands Regatta 2010

The Blue Angel participated in the annual Boston Harbor Islands Regatta on September 25th, 2010. The event was run by the Boston Harbor Islands Alliance.

Our crew - Ralph, Lori, and Natalie Vinciguerra, along with family Lou, Janet, Amy Lou and Francesa Vinciguerra. This fearless crew maintained focus as we braved stiff breezes and heavy gusts over the course.

Final Results - This final results document shows that the Blue Angel suceeded in placing for 2 trophies this year:

Final Scratch Sheet - We also preserved the last scratch sheet where the start times are shown. The spinaker fleet had 30 registered, 26 finished.

2010-bhir-44.kml - If you use GoogleEarth or some other program that can display KML track data, you can see our progress from home port and through the whole race.
google-earth-44.jpg - I've also created a simple image our course track. The starting line was between Rainsford and Georges Islands, and proceeded North East to make a figure-eight pattern. The extra lines are our trek out and back from the start and finish.

Official BHIR Press Release - provides a nice description of the conditions during the race.

Mari Ryan has posted two collection of photos from the event:
Racing Photos - we're in image numbers 3, 4, 215 and 259.
Crew Photos - we're in image numbers 57 and 77.

Blue Angel - Pearson Vanguard #181