Boston Harbor Islands Regatta 2013

The Blue Angel participated in the annual Boston Harbor Islands Regatta on September 28th, 2013. The event was run by the Boston Harbor Islands Alliance. You can click on many of the images for a bigger view.

Our crew was Ralph, Lori, Lou, and Amy Vinciguerra. The weather was excellent and we performed well in spite of light winds and some current, thanks to Lou and Amy's finely honed sailing skills. We placed 3rd out of 10 in class F, for which we received a trophy, and 51st out of 90 overall. The race style is "pursuit" so compensations are reflected as different start times, and when yachts reach the line they are all on an even footing.

The race courses were new for this year and involved a start line near Spectacle Island where the after party occurred on the whale watch boat and the island pier. Due to the light winds we used the short course.

I've also created a simple image of our course track. The starting line was between Spectacle and Long Islands. If you use GoogleEarth or some other program that can display compresssed KML track data, you can see our progress from home port and through the whole race.

Our assigned racing number this year was 34, which had a familiar ring to it, when I realized this was the 34th America's Cup this year.

The final results are here showing the class breakdown. I've also loaded this into an Open Office spreadsheet showing the overall order of finish (also exported as an excel sheet).

Pictures were taken by Mari Ryan Photography. Links to photos with Blue Angel follow (in time order): 68, 139, 173, 175, 328, 365, 405, 26

In case the links perish over time here are cached versions of the photos:

Blue Angel - Pearson Vanguard #181