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This area is a cache of documents and data. Although I may organize or index information I've gathered from other sources on other pages on my web server, by placing all these cached documents in a small number of common areas, they maintain more stable URL's to support your bookmarking.

I have authored none of this material, although I often clean up the formatting extensively, and preserve it here for reliability. How often have you come across dead links on the web these days? This cache area serves to provide detailed and stable access to the references I make elsewhere on my web site.

If I have cached something that you own and you wish it removed from my cache, simply send me a request with the URL for the page in the message and I will remove it promptly. You can also make requests for me to present it differently, or update it. You may want to consider that fact that my attempts to preserve your content work to your benefit, since I am careful to attribute the work properly and I help keep your content alive and being read. Especially since I strip away all the excessive overformatting thus insuring the ultimate readability over time.

This list is alphabetized by the short unique ID that is part of its web address. If you prefix any of these ID's with http://vinci.org/rlv/c/ you will arrive at the document of interest.

Also, some of the documents have been converted to a format that can be read on a PalmOS PDA with the free Plucker application. See this directory.

The 15% Solution
Describing corporate support for creative minds, as demonstrated at 3M.

Alterative Pain Relief Table
An excerpt from an AARP article.

Wired Magazine: Roads Gone Wild
No street signs. No crosswalks. No accidents. Surprise: Making driving seem more dangerous could make it safer. By Tom McNichol

Apocalypse Now
How a hologram, a blimp, and a massively multiplayer game could bring peace to the Holy Land.

Appetite and Attitude
Carbohydrates may cure a bad mood, says Judith Wurtman - By Mara E. Vatz

As We May Think
An essay by Dr. Vannevar Bush calls for a new relationship between thinking man and the sum of our knowledge.

Cawthorne's Head Exercises
A set of exercises to reduce motion sickness.

Cult of the Innovator

Death and the Harddrive
- don't erase your departed relative's bits, ever!

Design Principles
Software can be designed to simplify tasks and to create a positive overall experience for users. Thoroughly understanding the goals of users and stakeholders and designing software with those goals in mind are the best approaches to successfully delivering products that will delight customers. An article from IBM.

Knowing the Ingredients Can Change the Taste
- A NYT article about Beer taste research performed in the Thirsty Ear Pub of MIT.

My Experiences With Subversion
An article by Simon Tatham on the Subversion source code control system.

Faceted Classification Papers
My collection of articles relevant to my studies on advanced object tagging.

Good Agile, Bad Agile
- this blog entry by Steve Yegge illuminates Google's alternative approach to software development and management.

A clipping from Wired Magazine
A lawyer named Rebeck is commenting on Microsoft's effect on the market, and the use of outdated economic models.

A clipping from Technology Review
When designing computers, companies could take a lesson from Hollywood. By Simson Garfinkel

A clipping from Wired Magazine
Our Kids Are in Big Trouble: Government is using technology to burden their future - and it's all our fault.

Keeping Your Life in Subversion
Using the Subversion source control system to store all your files.

Do We Worry Too Much About Protecting IP?
An article by Scott McNealy

The Mysterious Technology of the Violin
How do you figure out what makes a Strad so great? And then how do you attempt to duplicate that greatness? An article by Steven L. Shephard.

Digital Expression
An article for Wired Magazine by Nicholas Negroponte

Affordable Computing
An article for Wired Magazine by Nicholas Negroponte

OZ Cockpit Display
An article on an advanced, yet simplified display for pilot cockpits

Content for reading in the Plucker reader for the Palm PDA.

An article on crafting a sail from poly tarps inexpensively, by Dave Gray

An excellent series of lecture notes from The Programmers' Stone Blog.

Details on the geology of Reading, MA

What is Software Design?
An article by Jack W. Reeves

So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.!

An article on crafting a sail from tyvek inexpensively, by Bill Wallace

From Scatology to Social History: Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, by William Coyle

The Curse of Xanadu
An account of a software vision and the trouble with its implementation

Ted Nelson's Rebuttal to "The Curse of Xanadu"

Ted Nelson's "Way out of the box"

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