Using Sharepoint from Firefox

As is sometimes the case, Microsoft does not support common web standards properly, and their Sharepoint product is no exception. With a little user effort, however, one can escape the use of Internet Explorer and use Firefox to access sharepoint services.

I commenced this effort by using google to search for the terms "sharepoint" and "firefox" and I located many Blogs and other discussions of the techniques. I invented none of these, I merely have gathered the ones I use in this location for your benefit. Of course, this is dated material, for as firefox and sharepoint evolve, these tips may no longer be needed or may need to be adjusted.

Fixing repeated authentication

For some users, sharepoint will repeatedly ask you to authenticate yourself.

This nugget is from

Changing a versioned document

Do not use the "Edit Item" option as it requires the use of the hazardous ActiveX mechanisms unavailable on many platforms. Instead, use the "Checkout" option, and then manually download, change, and "Upload" the document preserving the same document name. Then "checkin".

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