Halloween Trick or Treat Traffic Report

Ralph Louis Vinciguerra

Creative Commons License

Every year we have Trick or Treaters come to our door, and each year I record the size of each group, and the time of arrival. This has provided an interesting set of data points that are presented in the plots below. I've lost the data from the years 2002 and 2006, and was not home for Halloween in 2015.

This first plot shows the total ToTs (Trick or Treaters) each year starting in 1998, along with an overplot of the temperature taken at 6PM. Note that I used historical weather data for the first few years since I had neglected to collect this important variable.

This sequence of small plots shows the individual groups and each vertical orange line shows the number of visitors in that group. The horizontal axis is the time each group arrives.


All these plots were generated with GnuPlot on Windows 7 running Cygwin to provide UNIX style scripting features. An example of an overall build script, and gnuplot scripts and their data files are below:

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