Ralph's I93-I95 Interchange Research

Disclaimer: This information is gathered and presented by myself alone, and does not represent any group or specific point of view. I'm simply gathering information for my own edification and sharing it with you under no guarantees of accuracy or validity.

The interchange of I-93 and I-95 is being studied for reconstruction and will have extensive impact on the area. I have gathered information here that I've located at meetings and other sources that doesn't seem to be available elsewhere on the web.

Plans #4 and #5 were presented in Reading 2002-09-24
A property ownership map overlaid with the original large footprint design, provided by MassHighway 2002-09-24
Plot Plans overlaid with the interchange design 2002-06-14
Aerial Photographs overlaid with the interchange design from the meeting in Stoneham 2002-06-04
Handout from the meeting in Stoneham 2002-06-04
Latest Plan

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