D Ralph's Original Publications

This area is the main directory of documents and data. Although I may organize or index information I've created in various ways on other pages on my web server, by placing all my original documents in a small number of common areas, they maintain more stable URL's to support your bookmarking.

This first lists is alphabetized by the proper titles. However, each document is identified by a short unique ID that is part of its web address. If you prefix any of these ID's with http://vinci.org/rlv/d/ you will arrive at the document of interest.

You may also be interested in the "cache" of publications that are referred to elsewhere on my web-site, but are cached locally on my server for web stability.

[alt-traffic] Thinking About Alternative Traffic Flow
Short notes on alternative downtown urban traffic routing sparked by an article in Wired Magazine
[amazon1999] Amazon 1999
Our vacation trip report from the Peruvian Amazon.
[book-list] Book List
A list of notable books I've read.
[build] Software build analysis
Information on how the software tool "make" is used incorrectly.
[dbreport] Database Report
A report on implementing membership databases for cost-restricted organizations.
[dhcp] DHCP tricks
A short informal collection of tips for getting DHCP setups to work.
[doodle] Doodle Gallery
A gallery of my semi-artistic doodles.
[edu-laptops] Ideas on Selecting Laptops for Education
A short specification of laptops for use in primary and secondary education.
[firefox-sharepoint] How to access semi-proprietary Sharepoint services with Firefox
Microsoft is not properly supporting web standards in their Sharepoint product and this requires special efforts on the part of users of Firefox (and other browsers) to access information efficiently.
[gs-o] Assorted materials for Girl Scout Orienteering activity
These are some raw materials I used to teach a GS troop orienteering. More organization is needed, but the vent did complete successfully.
[halloween-traffic] My Halloween Trick or Treat Traffic Report at my house.
Data starting from 1998 is plotted showing totals, arrival times, and number of ToTs.
[i95-i93] Interchange Research
Studying the I95-I93 interchange redesign.
[javaperf] Java Performance Analysis
An informal survey and analysis of the performance of Java vs. C and C++.
[just-cvs] Comparison of Configuration Management Solutions
An experience-based opinion on the selection of a software configuration management solution.
[kawai-k1] Kawai K1 Tips
Tips for using a Kawai K1 electronic MIDI keyboard instrument.
[knex] K'Nex Adventures
The initial stages of pages about explorations with K'nex building sets.
[math-sci] Everyone's a Mathematician and Scientist
My presentation for Mrs. Murphy's Second Grade Class at Joshua Eaton grade school.
[movie-list] Movie list
A list of movies I enjoyed
[practical-mouse] Dr. Ralph's Practical Mouse
A short guide to maintaining your (computer) mice.
[soft-list] Software List
I have an assortment of favorite software packages that I use on nearly all my computers. This list aids me during reinstallations.
[style] CPSG
I'm the originator and editor of an open source Community Programming Style Guide.
[test-patterns] Ralph's Test Pattern Collection
Test patterns I've created or collected. Used for calibration and debugging.
[thirsty-ear] Ralph's Informal Collection of Thirsty Ear Memorabilia
I was a director of this MIT pub at one time, and the I'm gathering some historical bits together for posterity.
[uml] UML Primer
A short set of presentation pages I use to quickly introduce teams to the use of UML. It commences with some of my observations on software complexity and aesthetics.
[yahoogroups] A Quick guide to joining a Yahoo Group
It can be tricky joining a yahoo group properly, and here are the hints. This may be out of date as yahoo changes its interfaces.

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