Everyone's a Mathematician and Scientist

Engineers Using Math and Science on Computers

A presentation by Ralph L. Vinciguerra

I was invited to give a presentation as a parent to Mrs. Murphy's second grade class for Reading's Second Annual Everyone's a Mathematician and Scientist Week at the Joshua Eaton School.

My topic is the use of Math and Science with respect to computers, and I've gathered together a short description of myself, followed by numerous examples of Math and Science in use in my work and my hobbies.

This entire presentation is built as a collection of web pages, so that they can be shared after the event itself. On the day of the presentation I had borrowed a high quality LCD projector from TASC in Reading, to project my presentation web pages. I also included several live computer demonstrations, and those are marked accordingly in the presentation. Where possible, I've included a snapshot of the demonstration's screen.

Ralph's Original Publications - 2008-06-24