Ralph's Movie List

I keep track of notable movies I've seen. Beware, most of my favorite movies are usually unpopular in the box office, and I lean towards Sci-Fi and technical subjects.

Title Date of Viewing Review Favorite Scene or Aspect
The Machine 2015-02 Watched online through Netflix Another nice treatment of dealing with emergent Artificial Intelligence.
Automata 2015-02 Watched online through Netflix A nice treatment of dealing with emergent Artificial Intelligence. And Antonio gets very scruffy.
Europa Report 2014-12 Watched online through Netflix Mysterious alien life.
H+ : The Digital Series 2012-10-10 Watched online through YouTube. New episodes every week. Exploration of the issues raised by human augmentation.
True Skin 2012-10-19 Innovative Sci-Fi short that reminds me of Blade Runner. The simulation of glowing implants (tron-like).
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 2011-03-27 Bizarre visual spectacle, woven together with an imaginative plot. The unfolding of the various forms of the traveling show wagon.
Donnie Darko 2010-08-21 A real surprise, with a complex sci-fi/fantasy plot. Lower budget production that draws you into its mysterious storyline. Several excellent roles rendered by some famous actors, and a nice time travel paradox.
Pan's Labyrinth 2010-04-25 A unique film, with a compelling set of characters. Gruesome at times, intriguing at others. Well crafted. The juxtaposition of fantasy and reality.
City of Ember 2010-04-11 A classic style Science Fiction story. Performed poorly in the box office, but I loved it. There are many other stories along these lines, and they make for great explorations the human condition. The first glimpse of the generator.
The Man From Earth 2009 A great plot evolution based on a simple meeting of friends, while one is planning to leave. A special moment in the discussion (I don't want to spoil it for you).
Blade Runner 1987? Another redefintion of the visual style of science fiction movies. The overall view of the city from above, transitioning to the huge central tower of Tyrell Corporation.
Brain Storm 1987? A compelling story of how a new technology can affect lives. The evolution of the recording device through the plot events.
2001: A Space Odyssey 1979? A central work in the science fiction genre, redefining the look of movies to come. Dave battles Hal for survival.

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