Dr. Ralph's Practical Mouse
Keeping Your Mouse Healthy

Your trusty mouse is a critical part of your computer and has to survive rather dirty conditions on a regular basis. By properly cleaning your mouse, many symptoms can be avoided. Most of the problems are caused by buildups of dust and oil from your hands. By carefully cleaning your mouse periodically, you can keep it fit.

First you must determine the type of mouse you have; there are two. If your mouse has a special optical plate on which is must be used which has fine stripes across the surface, it is an optical mouse. If instead it has a little rubber-surfaced ball inside which is visible from the bottom, it is a mechanical mouse, also known as an opto-mechanical mouse. Please refer to the appropriate section below.

The Optical Mouse

Although some manufacturers would have you believe that the optical mice have no problems this is not the case.

Symptom and Cause

Cleaning Procedure

The Mechanical Mouse

Before we take another step, every mechanical mouse requires one important thing: a pad. Without a cloth-surfaced rolling pad, the life of the mouse will be seriously shortened: get one! With that out of the way we can get on to the maintenance.

Symptoms and Causes

Cleaning Procedure

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