Ralph's Software List

I use several computers of various types steadily and certain pieces of software get installed on each of them to make them efficient and useful. This list keeps track of these software items to help me when reinstall systems from scratch. You'll notice I'm biased towards using open source software. The platforms listed are those I use. These packages may be available on more platforms.

Application and Client Software
Name Platforms Description
Firefox Linux Win32 A full featured web browser with extensibility and stability.
OpenOffice Linux Win32 A full featured office suite, with the ability to exchange most documents with other office suites.
Java Linux Win32 A development environment for Java (JDK), along with an execution environment (JRE) to support platform independent software.
Ant Linux Win32 Java based build system.
Putty Win32 Telnet and SSH clients for logging into servers
GnuEmacs Linux Win32 An advanaced text editor with extreme extensibility
Virtual Box Linux Win32 A powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use. Allows you to emulate multiple machines as guest operating systems.
UnxUtils Win32 Commands familiar to Unix users ported to Win32
tortoise svn Win32 A client for subversion source code repositories
TideTool PalmOS A tidal predictor app.
Server Software
Name Platforms Description
Java2 EE Linux Win32 Enterprise edition of Java.
Apache Web Server Linux Win32 The most popular web server software.
subversion Linux Win32 A source code control repository

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