Ralph's Informal Collection of Thirsty Ear Memorabilia

The Thirsty Ear is a long-lived pub at MIT in the basement of Ashdown House on Memorial Drive. It was started many years ago at MIT, and then was closed for some time. When it re-opened, it retained the original name, and was able to use the existing liquor license that MIT had maintained over the years in hopes that a new crop of industrious students would gather again to run the pub.

When reformed in the 1980's, the pub's mission was two-fold. First to provide a darker and more avant-guard pub for the graduate student population at MIT, as an alternative to the Muddy Charles pub. Second, to provide a rentable facility for graduate student parties, complete with a functioning bar and DJ-ready sound system.

Glenn McAndrews was the first pub director. I was the second director. If you were involved with the pub at one time and have other historical materials, please contact me for their addition to this web document. See this link for e-mail contact info.

The Thirsty Ear's current web site

How the Thirsty Ear was Named

Thirsty Ear Pub History (circa 1980) - Glenn McAndrews

Nuggets of Knowledge

A gallery of Thirsty Ear advertisements from the 1980's and images of the pub

A gallery of Hard Corps posters for Thirsty Ear parties in the 1980's

Articles about beer taste research performed in the Thirsty Ear

To come: lists of staff over the years.

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