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This project contains all the information that I've managed to gather concerning the combined family lineages as joined by myself and my wife Lori:

Viewing the Geneology Information

Pre-generated diagrams - In an effort to make some of the data visible without needing special software, we have generated some prepared views of family trees centered on certain individuals. They are generally too large to print, but can be viewed with a computer with some success. Some of them may be too large to view on your computer. Currently, these reports are available in both SVG and PDF formats. SVG is scalable vector graphics, and should display within your browser automatically. PDF is portable document format, and will launch Adobe Acrobat if it has been installed.

SVGs only seem to work in FireFox (not InternetExplorer). PDFs work in all browsers, but you need to right click in the blank page that opens and select "Display Properties" and make the XObjects part near the bottom be "Always".

Applet Viewer: you can run a Java applet provided by the GenealogyJ people. An applet is a small portable computer application that downloads automatically. This requires a web browser that supports Java properly (most do). Try it here. Please note that the Java code may take several minutes to download over a slow internet connection.

Applications loading the GEDCOM file: The main database is stored in a special text exchange format called GEDCOM. Our main file is named master.ged. If you already use genealogy software on your computer, chances are very good that you can download this file and view it in that software. We use a nice free software package called GenealogyJ, that is written in Java and works well. If you have trouble with the applet above, instead, install GenealogyJ, then download the master.ged file, and use the program to view it.

For the future, I plan to switch to an XML-based standard format, for example GedML as soon as it matures, as this will have the best chances of being readable in the long term. But for the time being, the Moron church has produced this current file format that is in heavy use.

E-mail requests for PDF files: If none of the above techniques work for you and you'd like a us to generate a pre-generated diagram single person's ancestors and decendents, ask us by e-mail ralph@vinci.org) to create a SVG or PDF file for that situation. It will appear in the list above.

Gathering More Information

Your biographical and autobiographical information is sought!
Help me record this information before it is forever lost, specifically information on ancestors. This information is a legacy I hope to pass on down through our family as it evolves through time. I have created a form that you can fill out and send to me (on paper or by e-mail).

Extended Information

Since my main database assigns a unique ID number to each individual, I use that number to manage a set of supporting directories where I maintain more detailed information on families and individuals. At the moment, I don't have a decent way to generate an index to these supporting directories so I'm manually maintaining that list below. Later, you'll be able to navigate from the genealogical data and all it's relationships to these supporting directories. In this form it's OK for simple browsing.

Note that the database contains over 70 families, and 220 individuals. The links below are only for those with more material than the standard information I have in the database.


Family areas:

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