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Welcome to our genealogy project. This entry page contains general information and resources.

Introducing the Challenge

Genealogical information is fun to gather and very challenging to maintain. Once the number of people you have researched grows above a small group, the presentation of the family trees is very difficult. Seeing an entire tree with nearly 900 people is a significant challenge. As a result the use of computer applications to view parts of the tree dynamically, is the preferred method for accessing the information.

It is also possible to issue fixed reports from part of the tree, centered on the ancestors and decendents of a single individual or family. These are convenient for viewing without special programs, but must be manually generated using the main genealogy application in use (GenealogyJ in our case).

Printing these trees is even harder. We have had some success in generating large images of the tree, and using the "netpbm" tools to chop up the image into page size chunks for printing on letter size paper, and then spending an hour with tape, pasting them together.

Access to our Database

Access to the detailed information is limited due to its personal nature, and you may gain access by contacting the vinci.org staff (Ralph Louis Vinciguerra ralph@vinci.org).

Genealogy Tools

We use the application GenealogyJ, a free program written in Java that runs on most types of computers. Ralph has been added to the sourceforge list of developers, so he can help keep this application up to date.

The genealogical information is stored in a standard format called GEDCOM that is usually exchangable between various genealogy programs; so we'll always have detailed access rto the data..

Other Information

Ralph L. Vinciguerra - 2021-01-24