Dealing with Electronic Junk Mail

This effort is a little dated now, given how things have gotten far worse, but never the less, I still use it with persistent sources that won't let me opt-out.

A bad thing is starting on the net: e-junk-mail. I finally received one myself and I composed a detailed response. Feel free to clip it out and use it when you receive similar junk. Note that I also mail it to their postmaster and root accounts as well. I'm very serious on this issue, as you can tell.

From: me@myaddress.mydomain (me)
Subject: Re: FREE ______

No thanks. But please read on in my reply.
(Postmaster and root: Please note the trouble this user is causing.)

I have news for you: you have invaded my privacy by sending me an unsolicited direct e-mail. You are creating the equivalent of e-junk-mail.

I already have a boycott in place for agencies which call me directly by phone, and I am now adding, on your behalf, a similar boycott of unsolicited e-junk-mail. This will include all advertisers associated with your publication as well, as I need to make you realize how serious this issue is. I will remove you from my list IF, and only IF, you can convince me that you have ended this practice immediately. Period.

I don't want to sound cruel, but I'm trying to nip this in the bud. Take a realistic look at the mistake being made here. If 100 other people like you start doing this (10000 is more likely), my e-mail box will overflow with junk rendering it useless to me. A VERY BAD situation. Please see the light on this one.

Here's my recommendation for you: make your information available on-demand instead, announced in an appropriate forum. I want to find information by searching, NOT by forced contact. Now that certain commercial newsgroups have become possible, that would be the correct announcement forum. Or, my favorite solution would be for you to create a WWW server with your information that I could peruse when I have a need. It could be announced in the "What's new" list at the NCSA home base. It would also appear in the WWW searching tools. Get a Mosaic client running and get on board with the way the entire net is headed. A new form of demand-driven advertising. Get to work researching this area.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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