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2021-03-11 Publications/Mini Yoga Session
Specially tuned short Yoga Session.

2020-10-07 Publications/halloween-traffic
My 2020 Halloween Traffic Report is ready with fresh data.

2020-08-27 Server News #2
More apologies for my server outtages, This time the extremely hot weather was making the office very hot. Each server system adding about 100 watts of additonal heat. The solution? Relocate the web server and the file and print server into the basement. It lies half underground and is generally cooler that the regular floors. It took about 2 days to unwire, move, and rewire.

2020-01-07 Server News
My apologies for my web server outtage, A motherboard failed in a Compaq deskside machine I rescued from curbside trash to be a newer webserver that and ran for several months, Now I'm running Ubuntu Linux (as before) in another castaway machine that I populated with more memory and a direct reuse hard drive from the original server.

2020-01-07 Publications/halloween-traffic
My 2019 Halloween Traffic Report is ready with fresh data.

2018-11-01 Publications/halloween-traffic
My 2018 Halloween Traffic Report is ready with fresh data. This year set a new record number of halloweeners.

2018-09-18 Fixed bad links in this area
Kawai K1 tips are now accessible.

2017-10-31 Publications/halloween-traffic
My 2017 Halloween Traffic Report is ready with fresh data.

2016-11-01 Publications/halloween-traffic
My 2016 Halloween Traffic Report is ready with fresh data.

2016-11-01 Publications / Ralph's Movie List
Just watched two good sci-fi movies: Automata and The Machine.

2015-01-18 Publications/way-out
Cached a paper by Ted Nelson on computer design and maleability.

2013-10-31 Publications/halloween-traffic
My 2014 Halloween Traffic Report is ready with fresh data.

2014-02-03 offsite
Added my ID on Research Gate, and removed an old link.

2013-10-31 Publications/halloween-traffic
My 2013 Halloween Traffic Report is ready with fresh data.

2013-10-01 blue-angel/events/2013-bhir
New information from the Blue Angel's participation in the 2013 Boston Harbor Islands Regatta.

2013-06-26 Publications/thirsty-ear
My Thirsty Ear Memorabilia collection now include a file of historical nuggets.

2013-02-18 Publications / Ralph's Book List
Just finished "The Celestial Omnibus". Starting TRSF 2011.

2012-11-12 Publications / Ralph's Book List
Just finished "Frankenstein".

2012-11-02 Publications/halloween-traffic
I've added temperature data now on an overlay plot. GluPlot continues to deliver with new features.

2012-11-01 Publications/halloween-traffic
I've posted our data for Halloween traffic for 2012 and made an improvement to the plotting so the time axis is in 12 hour HH:MM formatting, so its much easier to read.

2012-09-30 blue-angel/events/2012-bhir
New information from the Blue Angel's participation in the 2012 Boston Harbor Islands Regatta.

2012-06-10 d / kawai-k1
Corrected outdated information in using an old K1 keyboard synthesiser,

2012-03-08 tech / Ralph's Software List
Brought over from my old web site, and partially updated.

2012-03-08 Publications / Ralph's Book List
Just finished "The Hunger Games". Starting "The Programmers' Stone", again.

2011-12-22 Publications / Ralph's Book List
Just finished "A Princess of Mars". Bring on "John Carver", Disney!

2011-10-31 Publications/halloween-traffic
I've posted our data for Halloween traffic for 2011.

The Girl Scouts site has been rehosted at Google Sites. The old version is archived on my server here: Old Reading Girl Scouts site.

2011-08-25 reading-room/quotes/quotes
Added a new quote from John Green.

2011-05-10 Publications / Ralph's Book List
Added new recently read books. I've continued to have great success reading books on my Android PDA using FBReader.

2010-04-11 Publications / Ralph's Movie List
Just saw the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and still a little woozy...

2011-03-19 c/faceted-classification
A place to collect articles I am reading on Faceted Classification schemes, to use in my universal object tagging system.

2010-10-31 Publications/halloween-traffic
I've posted our data for Halloween traffic for 2010.

2010-09-26 blue-angel/events/2010-bhir
New information from the Blue Angel's participation in the 2010 Boston Harbor Islands Regatta.

2010-08-23 gen
I relocated my genealogy project and separated it into public and restricted sections to support requests from family reunions.

2010-04-11 Publications / Ralph's Movie List
Just saw Donnie Darko. Nice!

2010-05-12 rPCm
My museum has been relocated to the new part of my web server, although the conversion from HTML to XTHML is incomplete.

2010-04-11 Publications / Ralph's Movie List
A list of movies I've enjoyed.

2010-03-02 Publications / Ralph's Book List
A list of notable works I've read.

2010-01-14 Publications / Ralph's Test Pattern Collection
A collection of test patterns I find useful.

2009-11-01 Publications / Ralph's Software List
I've transfered my old software list to my new web tree and updated its format to XHTML.

2009-11-01 Publications/halloween-traffic
I've posted our data for Halloween traffic for 2009.

2009-10-18 Galleries
The photo galleries have been updated

2009-10-07 Resume Updates
Updates to my online resume to reflect recent activities, and to prepare for the search for new consulting assignments.

2009-09-28 blue-angel/events/2009-bhir
New information from the Blue Angel's participation in the 2009 Boston Harbor Islands Regatta.

2009-09-18 reading-room/quotes/quotes
Added a new quote to the end of the collection.

2009-06-22 offsite
I've changes the detailed link for facebook to reflect my new facebook shortcut name "rlv10".

2009-02-25 cawthornes-exercises
A new short article on Cawthorne's Head Exercises, which can help reduce motion sickness.

2009-01-13 cache
I've added a new table on Alternative Pain Relief to my document cache.

2009-01-12 natalie-art, jsantis, louisa
The artists of 3 of the galleries I currate have provided new information for their works, and in Natalie's case, 2 new works.

2009-01-08 jsantis
New photos of paintings added, along with a switch from JAlbum to my own Media Data Base (mdb) photo management system.

2008-11-01 Publications/halloween-traffic
I've posted the data for Halloween traffic for 2008.

2008-08-28 offsite
I've added to my offsite content list.

2008-07-11 reading-room
My reading-room has been converted to my new web site.

2008-07-09 Publications/thirsty-ear
My Thirsty Ear Memorabilia collection now include advertisements an HardCorp party posters.

2008-06-25 Offsite Content
My list of offsite content (not served by has been converted to my new web site.

2008-06-24 Doodle Gallery
My new Doodle Gallery is available.

2008-06-18 Blue Angel
The Blue Angel content is complete. The 2007 Deck and Hull renovation now contains 90 pictures of the extensive renovation.

2008-06-16 Continued updates to the Blue Angel section
The Blue Angel content is now republished with the new MDB system so you should see all the photo albums have new and consistent photographic details. In addition I've been rapidly adding images of the 2007 Deck and Hull renovation.

2008-05-20 Web Site Redesign
I've commenced a redesign of my entire web site, moving all the text content into Subversion version control, and also implementing all galleries from a central directory of images, and using Dublin Core tags placed in the JPEG comment field to provide all the information.. This is a work in progress.

[geocaching] 2007-01-08 geocaching
A bunch of neat Geocaching items came our way as christmas presents, and some of them have been "launched" as trackables listed on our geocaching info page. Look for "Porygon's 100 finds", "Porygon's magic 8 ball", and "Porygon's micro-mini 1".

[tech] 2007-01-05 tech { Science / BOINC }
I'm donating spare computing power to help with climate prediction. You can view my statistics.

[pubs] 2006-12-13 Publications
The Thirsty Ear Trivia Collection adds a pair of articles about beer taste research.

[pubs] 2006-09-27 Publications
My Publications section gets a facelift. Slightly better use of stylesheets does the trick.

[pubs] 2006-09-27 Publications / Cache area
I adjusted my Publications caching area to contain a new article along with the PalmOS readable versions of some of the documents.

[offsite] 2006-09-26 offsite
I've collected links to content I've created that is not managed on my own website.

[geocaching] 2006-09-15 geocaching
We launch our second geocache, "Boston Harborwalk".

[jsantis] 2006-09-06 jsantis / The Art Gallery of J.S. Antis
A significant update with many new photos and a new organization using a new photo album technique created by the free JAlbum software.

[geocaching] 2006-08-22 geocaching
A new section for geocaching

[jsantis] 2006-05-18 jsantis / The Art Gallery of J.S. Antis
Updates with 4 new works.

BlueAngel 2006-05-16 Blue Angel
A refit of the Blue Angel's mast is in progress.

[edu] 2006-01-11 ed & d
Selection of Laptops for Education: A quick personal analysis of laptops to select for K12 education. This was submitted on request to my daughter's elementary school.

rPCm 2005-10-14 rPCm
I've added an Apple IIe to the exhibits listed on the museum main page. The new hit series LOST features an Apple II in the plot, and this prompted me to pull out mine and simulate the code screen from the show.

BlueAngel 2005-10-06 Blue Angel
New pages from the Blue Angel's participation in the Boston Harbor Islands Regatta.

2005-09-15 reading-room
A political article by Lawrence Lessig is now linked into my publications cache.

2005-09-12 Ralph's PalmDev Zone
I've added a download section for those free utilities that I sometimes need to download when I'm on the road with my treo600 and it needs to be cleared.

[reading] 2005-09-12 Ralph's Interchange Research
Added a link to the Castle Coalition in the section titles "Other Sites".

[louisa] 2005-08-31 louisa / art
The Art Gallery of Louisa Vinciguerra, has been updated with 4 new works.

SE 2005-06-06 Software Engineering Support
Added new articles related to version control.

[pubs] 2005-05-11 CPSG
The new release of the CPSG, or Community Programming Style Guide was needed to switch it to Creative Commons Licensing.

[jsantis] 2005-04-21 jsantis / The Art Gallery of J.S. Antis

[pubs] 2005-03-24 Publications / Ralph's Informal Collection of Thirsty Ear Trivia
I was the second director of a graduate student pub at MIT called the Thirsty Ear. This is my effort to gather historical information about the pub before it is forgotten.

Reading-room 2005-03-09 reading-room
I'm performing a major reorganization of the Reading Room to facilitate the organization of additional information. This is how I'll keep from making just-another-blog.

[reading] 2005-03-09 Ralph's Town Meeting support area
New information on traffic flow and commecial lighting improvement.

[pubs] 2003-10-03 Publications / Thinking About Alternative Traffic Flow
Reading an article on alternative downtown intersection has me thinking and I wrote down a few thoughts on the subject along with some reference materials.

SE 2005-02-11 Software Engineering Support
Added new material: "The Programmer's Stone", and "Great Programmers".

[reading] 2005-01-24 Town of Reading History
New documents on Reading Geology and Sturges Park.

Reading-room 2005-01-11 reading-room
I've linked and preserved an interesting guide called "So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.!". It's a a computer science graduate school survival guide, intended for prospective or novice graduate students, written by Ronald T. Azuma. I found it similar to my experiences in Electrical Engineering.

LIL 2005-01-05 Low Impact Lifestyle
Minor updates to the LIL area, specifically adding a link to the MCAN, where information on wind power is available. Yes, I'm in support of the Cape Wind project.

SE 2004-04-19 Software Engineering Support
A new section on UML includes links to my Primer, and links to two articles on potential pitfalls while using UML.

LIL 2004-04-06 Low Impact Lifestyle
I finally made some updates to my information on low impact living, with most of the changes in the commuting section. There's still a few broken links, but I'll fix it up over time. At least the latest info on my new commuter vehicle, the Prius, is available.

knex 2004-03-24 K'Nex Adventures
A new Mars Rover model has been added.

racing flag 2004-01-28 d
A short paper titled Java Performance Analysis is available.

wagon 2004-01-08 ed
A new educational support project to build a covered wagon for a unit in the third grade.

rPCm 2003-11-15 rPCm
I've added "System Orion" and "Zorion" to the exhibits listed on the museum main page.

Web 2003-11-05 Main Web Page
I've rearranged the main web page Community Service section, to make active items more prominent.

rPCm 2003-10-11 rPCm
I've reformatted the museum main page and added detailed images of the TIMEX Sinclair 1000.

[pubs] 2003-10-03 Publications / UML Primer
I adjusted my Publications section to reveal my UML Primer.

rPCm 2003-09-05 rPCm
I was cleaning up my office and came across old boxed sets of versions of RedHat Linux. I was overcome with nostaliga and decided to create a list of all the operating systems I've used since I started using computers in 1975. It's crazy, it's technical, and there are pictures to see!

BlueAngel 2003-08-13 Blue Angel
New pages from the Blue Angel's Martha's Vineyard Voyage.

[pubs] 2003-08-12 CPSG
The first release of the CPSG, or Community Programming Style Guide, is ready. I am the originator and editor of this open source document.

BlueAngel 2003-05-08 Blue Angel
The installation of a new fresh water cooling system in the Blue Angel is complete!

BlueAngel 2003-05-04 Blue Angel
With sailing season practically here, the Blue Angel is undergoing her long climb from winter hibernation to operational condition. Some of the new maintenance projects afoot are now documented.

[ReadingPride Logo] 2003-03-17 ReadingPride
A new group has formed in support of an operating override in Reading. I'm the web master for yet another community support site.

[reading] 2003-03-03 Ralph's Town Meeting support area
Updated with official results, and a copy of the summary information.

[] 2003-02-26 BuildingPride
The vote was a great success, and the final results are available.

[reading] 2003-02-10 Ralph's Town Meeting support area
A new place to list materials associated with my service as a town meeting representative in Reading, MA.

[pubs] 2002-11-12 Comparison of Configuration Management Solutions
An opinion on the selection of a configuration management system.

[] 2002-11-02 BuildingPride
Added a new navigation bar to the Schematic design options to support quickly switching among the options.

[] 2002-10-30 BuildingPride
Schematic design options and a new press release.

[database] 2002-10-08 Database Selection Report
A short report on the implementation of membership databases in cost-restricted organizations.

[reading] 2002-09-24 Ralph's Interchange Research
New materials from the Sept 23rd presentation in Reading, including scans on the latest plans (#4 and #5).

[] 2002-09-19 BuildingPride
Added a new volunteer form.

[reading] 2002-07-09 Ralph's Interchange Research, links section
Added a link to the The 182nd General Court of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and online Eminent Domain Laws.

[reading] 2002-06-28 Ralph's Interchange Research, links section
Another change to the links section adding the new PRESERVE site, and grouping the sites into categories.

[reading] 2002-06-27 Ralph's Interchange Research, links section
I've added new links to the regional traffic planning organization (the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization).

info 2002-06-25 Updates to my Quick Guide to Joining a Yahoo Group
It now has screen captures of some of the web screens you'll be using to get things set up.

[reading] 2002-06-17 Ralph's Interchange Research
I've added copies of the handout from the meeting in Stoneham on June 4.

info 2002-06-16 A Quick Guide to Joining a Yahoo Group is available.
It can be tricky, and this short guide can help.

[reading] 2002-06-13 Ralph's Interchange Research
I reorganized the pages to support more information content and I've added my snapshots of the aerial photographs with the interchange design overlayed.

[reading] 2002-06-12 Ralph's Interchange Research
I now have some more detailed images of the plans available that show plot plans combined with the new interchange design.

[edu] 2002-06-11 Hybrid Car Presentation
I gave a presentation on hybrid cars to a 4th grade class of students learning about cars.

resume 2002-06-07 Resume Updates
Updates to my online resume to reflect recent activities.

[reading] 2002-06-05 Reading MA
New information is available in my section on Reading, MA, concerning the future construction on the I95/I93 interchange.

knex 2002-03-24 K'Nex Adventures
A fairly successful monorail project has been added to this site.

[edu] 2002-03-12 New information sites to support the schools is online as Building Pride.

[edu] 2002-02-06 Science Fair Information
I've updated some of my science fair information since I'm going to be judging one again. My proposal for a new scoring system has been touched up.

knex 2002-01-15 K'Nex Adventures
An update to this area, now divided into several topics.

[hand from the cistine chapel] 2002-01-09 Spirituality and Religion
Spruced up my Religion area with a new title to set the stage for preparation of an adult education course I'm leading in February, concerning Science and Spirituality (called SpirSci).

BlueAngel 2001-12-12 Blue Angel
Updates to the Blue Angel section. New historical information is available along with first versions of world plots of Vanguard locations.

resume 2001-11-15 Resume Updates
Updates to my online resume. Added EMC analysis, subdivided areas of performance, and added some links to technology sites.

2001-08-13 Software List / Interesting
Added a new link to the E language, for secure distributed computing. Layered on Java.

2001-07-31 Software Engineering
Added a new link to the Heroic Programming discussion running on WikiWikiWeb.

2001-07-24 Tech Software List
I've added a link to WebStat, a free Java applet that performs statisitical computations. It's under the "Interesting Software" section.

2001-05-01 Resume Updates
Updates to my online resume. If you have needs that match my skills, please check it out.

2001-04-03 Trinity R&D updated
Updates to the TRDC web site, with a new entry page layout and correlated logos on the sub pages.

2001-03-31 Blue Angel's new poster
The Blue Angel is preparing for a 2001 voyage to Boston. See the poster! Smell the salt air! Taste the Dramamine!

2001-03-30 Ralph's resume updates
Some new updates to my resume: better links to support printed copies of the resume, and a new short format Biograhical Sketch.

2001-03-25 Ralph's PalmDev Zone
A new zone emerges for Palm Pilot software development activities. Although I plan to use Java for the Palm, at the moment I have been tinkering with PocketC which allows development completely on a Palm, albeit in C.

2001-03-19 Ralph's Software Lab
It's time for some spring cleaning, as I rework my development-to-web publishing configuration for this software. Except for a new application contributed by Sean Griffin to the PSP tools, the rest is just a new release to test the use of CVS to manage the distribution.

2001-02-06 DBS invitation
I corrected some errors in this invitation to study the Bible through the Disciple Bible Study Program. I'm currently taking the second part of this series, and after reading this invitation that I wrote while midstream on the first study cycle over a year ago, it still applies.

2001-01-10 got God?
A wacky single comic strip on Science and God I whipped up for my church's 2001 Lenten booklet. Click on "got God?".

2001-01-08 Trinity R & D
The new Trinity R & D corp. website comes online. This is the first version, more details to come.

2000-12-06 blue-angel/
An update to the Blue Angel pages with a new main page layout and an additional Vanguard added to the master list.

2000-11-08 Ralph's new resume online
I've changed jobs and now work for Trinity Research and Development Corp. I am available for consulting and contract work, and my new resume should prove useful to you if you are interested.

2000-10-20 blue-angel/list/list.html
An update to the Blue Angel pages adds the Vanguard Master List, a growing collection of all Pearson Vanguard sailing sloops.

2000-10-12 d/kawai-k1/index.html
A new document on using a Kawai K1 music keyboard.

2000-10-12 ../oldsouth/index.html
Added a new section on Old South Computer Networking.

2000-09-20 ../rainforestrainbows/index.html
Anderson's Aviary is now accessed as Rainforest Rainbows.

2000-08-24 rlv/r76
Added an amateur group picture of the Roosevelt H.S. 20th year reunion.

2000-07-13: rlv/r76
A little update to my Roosevelt H.S. class of 1976 section.

2000-06-30: rlv/s
Ralph's Software Lab is undergoing major rennovation as I migrate all my java work from RCS to CVS version control. New JavaDoc files are also available.

2000-06-12: tech/javaone2000
I'm just back from the JavaOne developer's conference in San Franciso. My trip report is now available.

2000-04-12: 3ls/
Updates to the 3LS,LLC web site for the completion of "Clocktower Square".

2000-03-14: rlv/ed/science-fair
It's science fair season again, and this time I've created a special, single page, scoring sheet used for judging contestants. Look for the link Scoring Sheet under "Original Ideas".

2000-03-02: rlv/ed/
New political issues relating to education are afoot in the town of Reading. Read this short summary to tune in.

2000-01-11: care/
The C.A.R.E. group has been successful in passing Question 1. A new elementary school will be built. Statistics of access are also now available.

2000-01-04: ..
Our new domain name,, is online providing a reliable and easy to remember way to locate this web site.

Our web server and supporting computers come through the Y2K milestone without problems, thanks to some hardware preparation and the use of Linux for the operating system.

1999-12-08: ed/
Corrections applied to the C.A.R.E. web site.

1999-12-02: ed/
Brought new C.A.R.E. web site online, to support the Reading public schools, and the solution to the crowded facilities.

1999-11-02: ed/info
New projection data on enrollment in Reading public schools.

1999-10-02: d/amazon1999
Added 24 more scanned slides to the Amazon 1999 trip area. This brings us to the end of the Amazon section of the trip and into Lima Peru. Also remaining to process are closeup photos of the artifacts we brought back. I've also added a logistics section describing the tour companies we chose and our guide.

1999-09-30: religion
Added an article to my religion area on the Mormon Church genealogical databases (see Databases of the Dead), and also reorganized my religion index page.

1999-09-25: .
The web server's MIME settings were not working for files being sent to your browser. As a result all types of files were not being identified correctly to the browser. This is now fixed. You might not have been affected by the problem depending on your browsers choice of defaults. HTML, GIF, and JPG files seemed to work in spite of this problem.

1999-08-28: rpcm
I added some pictures of the Timex Sinclair 1000 computer to my Computer Museum area.

1999-08-17: d/amazon1999
Added 16 more scanned slides to the Amazon 1999 trip area. This makes up pages 15 and 16 of the photo album.

1999-08-03: d/amazon1999
Yet another update to the Amazon 1999 trip area is available. I've made the entry page more attractive, started the first 5 pages of the Journal, and added 16 more slides. What an update!

1999-08-01: d/amazon1999
Another update to the Amazon 1999 trip area is available. The slide summary pages are now created automatically by rlv.slidenator. Also, 14 more slides are available for viewing.

1999-07-21: d/amazon1999
An update to the evolving Amazon 1999 trip area is available. Nearly 50% of the slides are scanned in and online.

1999-07-14: ..
Our OWLSoft Web Server hardware is now Y2K prepared, thanks to a new BIOS EEPROM download from Dell.

1999-07-13: tech
My SETI@Home rankings are now linked in the "Web Related" section of my technical zone. I'm also part of the Linux Team for SETI.

1999-07-13: tech
A new link to Y2K information, see the "Software Related" section of my technical zone.

1999-07-02: blue-angel/links
The Blue Angel pages now have a list of links to other Vanguard Sloops.

1999-07-02: reading-room/quotes
Anagram Fun

1999-06-29: tech/se
Added a link to a description of Extreme Programming to my Software Engineering Page.

1999-06-14: religion
Small updates to my religion section, with the addition of a few links.

1999-05-30: ..
Our OWLSoft Web Server is now fitted with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). It has survived it's first power outage without a blink. Also, I discovered that the cable modem internet connection is able to withstand a power outage as well, so the cable modem is also now on the UPS. The battery keeps this equipment running for 45 minutes. If the power is out longer, the system will soon perform an orderly shutdown (not rigged yet).

1999-05-11: d
New section for documents I have authored. This new area is meant as a stable, linear array of documents. Other areas of my web site will refer into this central repository. For now, a special link at the front of the "Reading Room" jumps in.

1999-04-01: reading
New section for information on Reading, MA. Also includes a new subsection on history.

1999-03-13: ed/info
K-5 enrollment and class sizes for 1998-1999 school year

1999-02-11: reading-room
Clip of an article on the corporate support of creativity, along with some of my own comments: The 15% Solution.

1999-02-08: ed
Adjusted meeting dates for the Technical Committee and Web Task Force groups. Created a new info area under ed to gather data about the school system overcrowding in Reading, MA.

1999-01-30: ed
The results for the voting on 1999-01-27 for Questions 1 and 2 (new school and school rennovation) by precinct.

1999-01-27: ed/info/northchat
Published a copy of a Reading online chat concerning the recent vote on new school construction.

1999-01-12: wtf
Added new section for information about the School District Web Task Force.

Ran the entry page through the Link Exchange Site Inspector. Yikes! I had to correct many errors, but now it conforms completely.

Redesigned the entry page to use icons as an aid to navigation. Relocated Programming Issues inside the tech area. Relocated "Communications Abuse" inside the e-mail policy.

1998-12-05: tech/se
Software Engineering Support

1998-11-30: reading-room
Excerpt from a Scott McNealy speech on the future of intellectual property, its representation and transport.

1998-10-24: religion
A new religion section

1998-05-20: software
rlv.resub - regular expression substitution application

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