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The web-scape is full of public servers that that host information for you for free or for fees. I'm using several of them and I'm keeping this list to help me keep track and to let you know about the ones I find useful.

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[googleplus] Google's social networking site with an interesting approach to publishing control and integration with other web apps. I prefer it to facebook, but most people I know are not here, yet. Check out my "rating" at PlusCloud. Lots of people follow me, probably because of my mysterious profile picture.

[facebook] The most common social networking site with control over your "feeds" of information.

[linkedin] a social networking site aimed at professional connections

[wordpress] A very popular blogging site (Web Logging). Essentially a journaling site.

[ResearchGate] A site for technical and scientific publications.

[geocaching] - a site dedicated to a search game for hidden boxes all over the world. I'm a premium member of this site.

[waymarking] A site dedicated to recording the locations of ... everything ... all over the world ... go see to believe. Our porygon ID from geocaching.com also is registered here.

Writing.com - a somewhat commercial site with good support for writers (via access to reviewers). I've published one item and use the site to review other's works.

myspace.com - a crazy site with exceptionally poor web formatting on many pages. I may have one of the few myspace pages that doesn't scroll forever, or play annoying music, or jam your browser, or stretch off to the right, or have hard to read colored fonts over noisy backgounds. Sheesh!

swarl.org - Short Wave Amatuer Radio Listening site. I am now registered as call sign WA1045SWL.

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