[books] Ralph's Reading Room Implementation

Organizationally, this collection of paragraphs can contain a direct concept written completely, or a link to someone else's writings, or a unique more detailed writing of my own. In a sense this is like a guidebook, or a site map in web parlance, to guide your casual reading experience.

The information presented in many of the paragraphs can link as follows:

Of course, one might ask why I didn't distill my entire web presence into this collection. The answer is: "wait and see". For the moment, certain areas seem to have such significance to me, or have such entensive content, as to deserve their own top level entry points on my web site.

I've realized that the web connectivity of information should not contain it's content. The power of webbing is to allow multiple navigation schemes to play out in your efforts to arrive at distinct content. It's rare that some distinct information really deserves to be scattered about in a loose web. Instead we have flat pools of modular content, and multiple navigation webs to connect to that information.

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