Continuing Education

In the technology fields, change is the norm and continual renewal is a requirement. In addition to my own renewal programs implemented through self-training, a few particular formal events are listed below.

Tufte Lecture "Presenting Data and Information" - 2004-03-02
A one day session covering the content of his three books on visualization. This is excellent guidance on the presentation of complex information in an age when there is little focus on the quality of visual presentation. His lecture style is active, engaging and demonstrares many of his points on how to convey information. His web site contains detailed information.
JavaOne 2000
An intense program of sessions, lectures, and keynotes.
Personal Software Process- 1Q 1999
Dr. Vinciguerra completed an intensive course in the Personal Software Process. This class was taught at TASC by Hal Miller and included 14 lectures, 10 programming assignments, and 3 reports. The assignments were executed under an evolving development process designed to achieve SEI 5 techniques at the personal level. Total course time included: 28 hours of lecture and 150 hours of assignments and reports. The course text was "A Discipline for Software Engineering" by Watts Humphrey. Additional information is available from CarnegieMellon Software Engineering Institute.
Sun Developer Camp - Java Beans
A introduction to the architecture and use of Java Beans.
JavaOne 1998
An intense program of sessions, lectures, and keynotes.

Ralph L. Vinciguerra - 2004-03-03