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Areas of Performance

Design and Engineering: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (UML, Booch, OMT), System Engineering (Large and Distributed). Embedded mobile sensor systems

Software: Software design and development in Java, C++, C and IDL, Web technologies (Java Applets, HTML, XML, XSL, Perl, CGI, JSP, Java Beans), Graphic User Interface Design and Development in Java, Object Oriented Databases (Object Store), Relational Databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle, Derby), Mobile platform development (J2ME CLDC on PalmOS), System integration of UNIX software (Linux, Solaris, IRIX).

Hardware: Embedded systems development and programming (TINI, 68HC11 ATMega128) Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis.

Programatics: Internal Research and Development (IRAD) programs, Software versioning (CVS,Clearcase,Subversion,Bazaar), Release and build (Ant,Maven,bjam), Personal Software Process implementation and practice, CMMI Level 3 software process execution.


Not currently offering individual work products for clients.
R&D will continue as defined,but as work for the Vinci Organization with this locality setup:
Boston Area: onsite or telecommuting,
North America: telecommuting with limited travel,
Global: telecommuting.

Employment Summary

For more details see: http://vinci.org/rlv/resume/history.xhtml

2017.12-Present: the Vinci Organization (http://vinci.org/trinity)
Founder and President

Dr. Vinciguerra has realigned his working enironment to be more effective as a low overhead self-funded activity under the umbrella of the Vinci Organization.

2003.02-2017.12: Trinity R&D Corp. (http://vinci.org/trinity)

TRDC was disolved after completing all assignments and alloctions from clients.

Dr. Vinciguerra assumes the position of President and continues on a balanced workload between our clients and internal research and development at TRDC.

Goodrich ISR activities include Java HTML generation from sensor test data, disturbed soil detection algorithm using 2 band sensor system, spectral ground truth analysis using ASD spectrometers, atmospheric modeling using MODTRAN, and multi-band sensor system calibration.

BAE/AIT client activities include object-oriented design and development of a Sensor Resource Management component in C++ specifically designed for reuse in multiple programs supporting both RADAR and video sensors, J2EE components in Java for a data mining system, and cross project build environment engineering (Ant, Maven, and bjam), team training (UML).

TRDC internal research projects include embedded low-power systems development using multiple sensor devices and short-range radio communications along with modular cellular integration.

2001-2003.02: Trinity R&D Corp.
Director of Research

Dr. Vinciguerra is one of the founders of TRDC, and is responsible for internal research and development activities as well as supporting multiple TRDC clients:

1990-2000: Litton/TASC
Principal Member of the Technical Staff

Dr. Vinciguerra has contributed as a senior architect on 7 large system projects and 2 internal research and development efforts. Over the last 5 years he deployed the first web servers and Java technologies into several projects. By acting as a senior architect and through mentoring and formal instruction of staff, TASC was able to employ emerging technologies in its research and development operations.

1987-1990: Litton-Itek Optical Systems
Senior Image Scientist

Dr. Vinciguerra was a member of the Image Sciences Department and managed the Internal Research and Software Development projects for his department. He also contributed on several projects involving multi-band image processing directed at automatic target recognition. In addition, he also redesigned and reimplemented a target recognition system simulator for an optical joint transform correlator. The task verified the theoretical soundness of the simulation, recreated the software chain in maintainable modules, and implemented a testing and verification strategy.

1976-Present: Personal Research Projects

Dr. Vinciguerra executes a self-funded program of personal research spanning many projects as a means for continuing education. These include digital circuit design, embedded systems development, home control, Java applications and applets, Internet and Web technologies, PalmOS applications, and power control circuits.


The Ph.D. degree program included a minor program in Human Visual Perception. The thesis studied the problem of color anti-aliasing in computer graphics and involved the research and implementation of a hybrid color space trajectory technique. The technique provides a method to interpolate colors in a perceptually accurate manner for use in anti-aliasing and image processing.

A list of continuing education activities is available: http://vinci.org/rlv/resume/education.html

Technology History

Programming Languages: Java [1996-present], C++ [1991-present], C [1983-present], FORTRAN [1978-1980,1988-1990], APL [1974-1976,1978-1979], IDL [1988-1990,2010-present], Pascal, LISP, BASIC, perl, sh, awk, sed, ARexx, Rexx, Assembly (8080, Z80, 68HC11, 68000, PDP11, IBM 360/370, TMS320).

Software Development Frameworks and Tools: Gnu toolchain for AVR development [2007-present], C++ STL [1997-present], Java Beans [1997-present], CORBA [1996-2002], ObjectStore [1994-1996], Java J2ME CLDC development on PalmOS, Revision control (Subversion, CVS, Clearcase), Rational Rose IDE, Galaxy, Xlib, OpenWindows.

Multimedia and Document Languages: XSL [2000-present], XML [1998-present], HTML [1994-present], LaTeX, TeX, nroff, Hypercard, CanDo.

Hardware: Analog circuit design (D/A interfacing and power control). Digital Circuit Design (TTL/CMOS), Embedded systems (68HC11/68000/Z80/8080/ATMega128).

Operating Systems: Intel&SPARC Linux, Sun-Solaris, SGI, IRIX 4-5, DEC, VAX/VMS, Win95/98/NT/XP/Vista, MacOS, CP/M.


Dr. Vinciguerra designed and taught two courses through the TASC Institute, an internal education organization: Introduction to Java (twice per year for 3 consecutive years) and C++ Coding Techniques and Tools.

During graduate degree work at M.I.T. Dr. Vinciguerra taught recitation sections and laboratories in Electrodynamics and Digital Circuit Design.

Societies and Organizations


R.L. Vinciguerra, "vinci.org", content from activities in many diverse areas.

R.L. Vinciguerra, "Corporate World Wide Web Server", TASC Internal Publication, content on many topics (Intranet access only, not generally accessible), a snapshot of the entry point is available.

S. Zabele, S.L. Rohall, and R.L.Vinciguerra, "High Performance Infrastructure for Visually-intensive CSCW Applications", CSCW'94 Conference.

R.L. Vinciguerra, "Color Anti-aliasing in Computer Graphics", M.I.T. PhD Thesis, 1988.

Personal Interests

Inventing, sailing, jogging, cycling (commuting by bike 1990-2000), hiking and geocaching, skiing (alpine and cross-country), environmentalism, creating "Open Software" in Java, home computing, home networking, and volunteer work with my church and my children's schools.

See my web site http://vinci.org/rlv for published material in some of these areas.

See my Yachting Resume http://vinci.org/rlv/resume/yachting for details on my Yachting experience.

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