Ralph's Web Server
Reliable Service Since 1994 - TASC's First Webserver
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VOB Gateway
A gateway to the VOBS, providing access to the official Corporate Repository of TASC Software and Documents.
A VOB is a Versioned Object Base.
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CVS Gateway
A gateway to a CVS repository
CVS is the Concurrent Version System, a free and open source version control system
NFS Gateway
Access to information on machines around the enterprise
NFS is the Network File System.
Home Page
Ralph's own web pages, including his TASC and Public pages.
Sharing Area
A place where I provide installations of some freely distributable software, mostly for Sun/Solaris. See the setup subdirectory for scripts to setup your UNIX environment.
[crit] Now's your chance to scribble on top of other web pages! This experimental web annotation proxy is based on crit.org.
About this
  • Server Introduction (on this Apache implementation)
  • Server Statistics
  • Publishing through this Server
  • Logos through time
Litton-TASC The TASC official intranet web entry point. There's also a graphical entry point.  
The TASC Search engine also indexes all my web server content.
VOB Gateway
The official Corporate VOB Gateway. It contains the Corporate Repository of TASC Software and Documents. There are some problems with slow updates through this gateway, and Ralph's VOB Gateway, listed above, can be used instead.
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