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I have been sailing since 1973 when my family purchased a C&C Shark when I was 15 years old. We quickly became a "sailing family" and over the years acquired larger yachts, and took more extensive voyages. I also have had opportunities to crew on an assortment of sailboats in different areas and races. Most of my nautical and navigational knowledge has come from hands-on training from my father Frank R. Vinciguerra. He not only passed on his knowledge of seamanship (and a copy of Chapman's), but he also taught me to execute all manner of repairs and maintenance on yachts. The list below highlights different time periods in reverse chronological order. Some of the pictures shown are representative, with notable exception of the Blue Angel, the yacht club, and SOKAI.

2001-present : Owner and Captain of Pearson Vanguard #181, "Blue Angel"
Pearson Vanguard In 2001 I purchased the "Blue Angel", that I had been sailing on with my family since 1978. I sail this classic 32 foot fiberglass sloop with my wife and 2 daughters, regularly cruising in Boston Harbor and along the New England coast. We often anchor off the harbor islands to spend the night aboard enjoying island hiking and harbor sunsets. We participated in Boston Harbor Islands Regatta in 2005 and 2006. We voyaged from Boston to Martha's Vineyard in 2003 and 2006. I have performed extensive renovations on the yacht myself including: fresh water cooling retrofit to the Atomic 4 auxiliary, head gasket replacement, mast rewiring, spreader reconstruction, and rudder renovation. I also worked directly with the Boston Bay Marina for a complete deck and hull refinishing, taking responsibility for all deck hardware renovation and remounting, and paint selection and masking.
2008/04 : Captain of Benetau 47 charter in British Virgin Islands,"SOKAI"
SOKAI2 SOKAI1 Two families, for a full compliment of 8 people, chartered a bare boat Benetau 47 from Sunsail. As acting Captain, I and our crew passed a rigorous sailing and docking test sequence by the Sunsail staff, before setting out on a 8 day voyage amoung the BVI.
1978-2001 : Crew and Helmsman aboard Pearson Vanguard #181, "Blue Angel"
PYC My family purchased a Pearson Vanguard in 1978 and we sailed out of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club in Hyde Park, NY, where we were members. In the summer, we would sail down to Long Island Sound via the Hudson River and Hell Gate.
1984 : Crew aboard Luders 44, U.S. Coast Academy
Luders 44 I was invited to crew aboard the Coast Guard Academy's Luders 44 fleet for 2 races, where my brother was active on the sailing team.
1981-1986 : MIT Sailing Program
Laser Tech Dingy While a student at MIT I took advantage of inexpensive access to their sailing fleet on the Charles River. I was certified on Tech Dingy and the Laser. Use of the Tech Dingy required a basic sailing course, use of the Laser required execution of sailing circuit with the Tech Dingy in 20 knot winds.
1977 : Intercollegiate sailing for University of Pennsylvania NROTC
420 I participated in Naval Reserve Officers Training Corp. team for a racing series using 420s at the New York Maritime Academy, while a student at the University of Pennsylvania.
1975-1978 : Crew and Helmsman aboard 27' Tartan Sloop, "Gray Dawn"
Tartan 27 As our family's second sailboat, we used this sloop cruising and racing along the Hudson River, and in Long Island Sound. It's shoal draft centerboard design allowed us to explore the river extensively. We also participated in a Poughkeepsie Yacht Club racing series each season. I was helmsman in these competitions.
1974-1976 : Poughkeepsie Yacht Club Youth Sailing Fleet
Sunfish The Poughkeepsie Yacht club maintained a small fleet of AMF/Alcort Sunfishes which we used to learn how to maneuver in the Hudson River's fickle winds and strong currents. I still own a sunfish, which I sail on the nearby lakes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
1973-1975 : Crew and Helmsman aboard 24' C&C Shark Sloop, "Secant"
C+C Shark My family's first sailboat and our introduction to sailing was the Shark. We started in Long Island Sound and eventually sailed her up to stay at the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club along the Hudson River where we became members.
1970 : Crew aboard 24' Chris Craft
Chris Craft My family's first introduction to yachting was as co-owners of a Chris Craft for 6 months. We used it for cruising along the Hudson River, but quickly realized our future was under sail.

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