Ralph's Software List

My world is full of free, open, and exciting software. Here are jump points to groups of software I use or respect.


Software I use Steadily

Since I'm Java-oriented, any pure Java software is my favorite. However, if often use various open source applications as well.

Item Description Status Details
Linux A free and capable operating system running on many platforms. A UNIX style operating system. In use on my firewall machine, and my laptop main machine. I still am forced to keep a single Win95 system to run educational software for my kids.
A cross platform and improved programming language I use for all my programming efforts. In use. Don't let Microsoft or Oracle distort Java!
OpenOffice An excellent, full featured, and free office suite. This has all the same features as Microsoft Office or WordPerfect. In use constantly. The ability to read and write Microsoft Formatted documents has improved steadily. Also, this toolset stores the documents in the OASIS standards compliant XML format for future readability.
git The dominant (apparently) distributed version control system. In use on my personal Win7 machines via cygwin. Harder to learn. Fast and capable.
Google Chrome A new way to implement web browsers that run for a long time and manage important state. Its also very fast. Now in use for most of my web browsing. Works perfectly.
Apache A lightweight, robust and open source web server, available on numerous platforms. Now in use on my web server. Works perfectly.
Plucker An offline Web and e-book viewer for PalmOS(r) based handheld devices and PDAs. See "Sunrise" just below for a way to create files for download to your PDA. Was using with Palm reader. Now needs replacement for android support. Works wonderfully!
Calibre An ebook format converter. Replaces Plucker Very flexible, and a bit tricky to use.

Software I use on Android systems

I have an Android phone (PDA) and I find these apps useful:

Item Description Status Issues
FBReader A cross platform book reader. I find by adjusting the font larger I can easily read books on my little android screen while using exercise equipment or traveling. My preferred reader Limited to FB2 and epub formats. Use Calibre for conversions.
c:geo A well featured geocaching app. My preferred geocaching tool. The live map is a little limited, but a simple search and select working fine with stored caches.

Software I use on Win32 systems

I periodically get stuck using Win32 systems. I survive by finding ports of my favorite free software to run on the Win32 platform.

Item Description Status Issues
Java Products A cross platform, improved programming language I use for all my programming efforts. In use for all my portable programming. That means everything, folks! Don't let Microsoft distort Java!
CygWin Cygwin is a GNULinux-like environment for Windows. If fully installed, includes the crucial tools zip, unzip, ssh, git. gnuemacs, gnudiff and more! This is the best way to survive on windows. In use when forced to use Windows machines. Directory path seperator problems on windows with bogus backslash choice by Microsoft.
PuTTY A free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator Handy for making remote Windows machines connect to real servers (UNIX). None.

Interesting Software

Item Description Status Issues
Monotone A configuration management system that is fully distributed, letting all functions occur at the client side. All synchronization is handles in a peer to peer manner. Its young, but the concepts it uses are interesting. Under analysis. None.
BeanShell A very small (< 200K) Java interpreter that can be embedded in your applications. Under analysis. None.
Thinlet A GUI toolkit, a single Java class, parses the hierarchy and properties of the GUI, handles user interaction, and calls business logic. Its compressed size is 39KB, and it is LGPL licensed. Under analysis. None.
the foaf project The Friend of a Friend (FOAF) project is about creating a Web of machine-readable homepages describing people, the links between them and the things they create and do. My own FoaF RDF file is available. Under analysis. None.
jEdit Java-based general purpose and extensible text editor. Under analysis as a replacement for my use of emacs. None.
WebDAV "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning", a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote web servers Under analysis. None.
WebStat A free Java Applet that performs statistical computations. Used for testing spreadsheet calculations. None.
FreeNet Anonymous distributed content system, protecting the freedom of speech on the internet. Under analysis. Implements a part of the Xanadu vision.
Mojo Nation A shared resource system with distributed micropayments for contribution of space, processing, and indexing. Under analysis. Goofy name for a nice idea. Implements a part of the Xanadu vision.
E A new highly distributed and highly secure language. Under analysis. Layered on top of Java, though with a unique syntax. Offers clever access to existing Java functionality.
AcmeServe A lightweight 100% java web server, available with source. In periodic use for experiments. Doesn't support standard server logging format. I also added code to support more MIME types.
VPS Opensource VPN implemented with Linux gateways Under study. ...
Jazz New style user interface with extensive zooming and collaboration aspects. Implemented in Java2. Under study. ...
Squeak Another new style user interface and environment, based on the Smalltalk language. Under study. ...
Xanadu An advanced, historically significant, hypertext system. Under study. ...
Cyc CYC is a very large, multi-contextual knowledge base and inference engine, the development of which started at the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) in Austin, Texas during the early 1980s. Under study. ...

Ralph L. Vinciguerra - 2012-03-08