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The Vinci Organization

This web site is owned and operated by Ralph and Lori Vinciguerra. It serves many purposes, and as a result the entry page has a mixture of many different kinds of content, including personal activities, volunteer work, non-profit activity, and commercial enterprises.

A domain name,, is owned by Ralph and Lori, and is used to make it easy to locate this server at all times. This name was chosen based on these goals:

Specific information about's multipurpose implementation is provided below:

Best viewed with Any browser Our web content is designed to be browser independent, and is mostly composed by direct html editing.
Linux Logo We are proud to use a Gnu/Linux operating system for this web server, offering excellent reliability and features.
Apache Logo We use the open source Apache web server, the most popular server software on the web.

Ralph Louis Vinciguerra - 2018-09-13