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Dr. Ralph L. Vinciguerra - President

We are an independent, privately owned, C-corporation. We perform diverse technology research, development, and also offer contracting and consulting services. We also have a specific Code of Ethics that guides our operations.

We work with both commercial and government organizations and are a registered Department of Defense contractor. You can look us up at CCR with CAGE# 1UCT0 or DUNS# 964504344.

Efficient and Environmental Transportation

TRDC has made a strong commitment to green transportation over the years. Our official corporate vehicle selection is listed below.

2012-present : Chevy Volt - 40 Mile all-electric range, then 40MPG unlimited gas range extension

2005-2012 : Toyota Prius - 50 MPG hybrid

2001-2005 : Toyota Prius - 48 MPG hybrid